Spring 2012 Course Superlatives: the sensational, the strange and the just plain silly

Now that we’ve all procrastinated this semester’s assignments by browsing next semester’s courses, it is my honor to present to you the MOST

…difficult readings to carry home from the bookstore
COLT1420Y: Gigantic Fictions

…incongruous pop music references
ENGL0201G: Killing them Softly: Satire and Stereotype in African-American Literature
AMCV0190E: It’s the End of the World as We Know It: Zombie and Apocalypse Narratives in American Pop Culture

…unintentionally sexual
ENGL0201DD: Feeling Queerly

…unnecessary quotation marks AND parenthesis
ENGL1190A: “The Arrangement of Words”: Liberating Fiction(s)

…likely to have emerged from the same DNA
ENGL2561C: Intellectuals and the Public Sphere
ENGL1140B: The Public Intellectual

AMCV0190C: American (Mass)culinities: Sexuality, Race and Aesthetics

…eclectic content joined by alliterative form
AMCV1903R: Big Business, the Bomb, and Smokey Bear: Cold War Origins of Today’s Environmental Movement

AMCV1904M: Erasing the Urban Deficit
JUDS1980K: Biblical History: What Really Happened?

ARCH1715: Building Big! Supersized Architectural and Engineering Structures from Antiquity

MCM1700R: The Art of Curating

MCM1700S: Narrative and Immersion
SOC0010: Perspectives on Society

…likely to also be the name of a self-help book
SOC0300D: Who Am I?

BIOL0190H: Plants, Food, and People
PHIL0991A: Seminar on Ethics, Education, and Fiction
UNIV1520: The Shaping of Worldviews
ARCH0680: Water, Culture and Power

RELS0210: Celluloid Jesus

CLAS1120B: Epic Poetry from Homer to Lucan

…likely to evoke dread of the future
CLPS1480B: Cognitive Aging and Dementia
ECON0110: Principles of Economics

…oddly specific
CLPS1530: 3D Shape Perception
HIAA 1550B: Topics in the Early History of Printmaking: Festival and Carnival

GEOL0160: Volcanoes, Windows into the Deep Earth

…extensively titled (this is an amazing class by the way, don’t let the title scare you)
PHYS0100: Flat Earth to Quantum Uncertainty: On the Nature and Meaning of Scientific Explanation

…hopefully not euphemistically about the same topic
NEUR1940G: Drugs and the Brain
NEUR1940D: Higher Cortical Function

…reminiscent of science fiction (remember that Disney Channel movie?) / animistic / you’ve just got it the wrong way around
AMCV2651: The Responsive Museum
ARCH1720: How Houses Build People

…reminiscent of a Magic Schoolbus episode
PHYS0112: Alien Worlds: The Search for and Properties of Extra-Solar Planets

ENGL2560E: Liberalism


My advice? To get through the above courses, you might need to muster up …
CLPS1720: Human Resilience


  1. Aiden

    Celluloid Jesus is a reference to animation cels, not biological cells. It’s about Jesus in film. Not actually heretical. (I am by heritage a Jew and by belief an atheist)

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