(Campus)Lifehacker: EPIC Shortcuts, Part 1

Let’s face it, here at Brown there’s just not enough time in the day to waste it walking hither and thither. Your brutal schedule of Russian Lit and AMCV0190E demands that you methodically obliterate every single superfluous second of transit time. We here at BlogDH want to help: by pointing out some “EPIC shortcuts” that, over time, could literally add days to your life, you can use the extra to play Farmville, read Sartre, or refresh the Blog page so to increase our hits! The insider tips to navigating Brown’s campus at near-lightning speed are after the jump:


EPIC Shortcut #1: College Hill? Take the stairs!

This shortcut may not be scenic, but it’s real easy on the legs. Stairs mean easy climbing at a faster rate and, therefore, wonderful plateaus! Going up the hill, the entrance is to the left of the RISD Shop; going down, it’s tucked away next to a building on the left side of Benefit St. If you can find it, expect to save an easy 5 minutes!

Difficulty: 3 of 5


EPIC Shortcut #2: JWW Side Door

Every day, ye olde students take the front door out of J Walter Wilson, only to walk East on Waterman St. But why be a pedestrian pedestrian, when you can be an EPIC pedestrian? – take the JWW side door! This rarely-used exit can be found behind the stairwell to the right of the mail counter. Avail of it and you’ll find a diagonal path to the northeast side of campus, saving you a decidedly EPIC 4 minutes.

Difficulty: 2 of 5 (but be careful, while you can always go out this door, sometimes you can’t come in — pick your battles!)


EPIC Shortcut #3: Man on Wire

Only for the most skilled EPIC shortcutter: walk the precarious balance beam that bridges the CIT and the SciLi. It’s a treacherous undertaking, especially in Providence’s perennially gusty winds, but if you can pull it off, be prepared to reap the benefits of an extra 1 minute! of potential study time!

Difficulty: 5 of 5 (bring a balancing pole for safety)


Next time, we make like Sean Connery and lifehack the Rock!

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  1. csmajor

    Love how Scili -> CIT shortcut made it. I use that all the time

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