SafeRIDE gets tech-savvy

If you haven’t noticed the signs announcing SafeRIDE text updates proudly hanging at each SafeRIDE stop, you’re behind on SafeRIDE’s exciting new user-friendly features. Starting with a new texting service installed in August that lets you know the ETA of the next shuttle according to your location, SafeRIDE  is in the process of improving services to students after a review by the Transportation Office.

What began with texting continued with “a new online real-time shuttle tracking system powered by Ride System servicing both Brown Med/Downcity (daytime) and the Brown Campus Shuttle (evening),” available both online and on your phone. You know what that means— there’s literally an app for SafeRIDE. But wait, there’s more. SafeRIDE will now tweet updates about their shuttle locations and other cool new additions.

And for those of you that use the SafeRIDE On Call service, you can now request a ride online. Snaps to SafeRIDE for keeping up with the Internet generation.

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