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The Herald's fall 2011 undergraduate survey

Every semester, The Herald conducts a survey of the undergraduate student body on a number of issues. Some questions, such as approval of Ruth Simmons and UCS, frequently appear on the poll, while many of the others change each semester. This semester’s poll asked:

  • Whether or not students would consider joining an ROTC program, at Brown or another school
  • How many sexual partners students have had so far this semester
  • What students think of their class sizes
  • What students think of the number of admissions spots that are reserved for athletic recruits
  • How well students think Ruth Simmons and UCS are doing their jobs
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied students are with academic advising
  • How students see their families’ wealth compared to that of the “average Brown student”
  • How confident students are in getting a desirable job after graduation
  • What electronic devices students own

Check out the article with the full results here! (Disclaimer: I wrote the article.)

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of articles, each of which goes into depth about one specific poll question. More reasons to read The Herald every day!

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