Shit We Love: the Bodum 16-oz. Travel Mug

Money can’t buy you love or happiness, but well-designed material items can make your life really fucking great. Though BlogDailyHerald has plenty of swag, we don’t get free swag, and no one is paying us to be this effusive.

Don’t own a travel mug? Buy this one now. Already own a travel mug? Give it to someone who deserves items of inferior quality, buy this one and never look back.

The Bodum travel mug does not leak. At all. You put this thing in your backpack, and there are no worries because your beverage will most definitely stay in its container, even upside down. No need to keep the mug upright in one of those intense beverage-holder mesh pouches my $15 Jansport definitely did not come with. And it’s clear! Which means you can watch the milk swirl into your coffee. Is anything more sublime than watching milk swirl into coffee? Only this travel mug. 

Okay, fine. It does allow heat to escape a little more quickly than some other travel mugs, though that’s often because I forget to fully close the dial-twist top. But drinking from it is comfortable and highly enjoyable for both cold and hot beverages. I bought it twice, lost it twice, then begged my aunt to give me one for a birthday present. Now it has a label with my email address on it.

I think Tealuxe still sells them, and you can also buy one on Amazon. (Speaking of other shit we love: free two-day shipping thanks to free year-long trials of Amazon Prime thanks to .edu email addresses!) If you want to start sipping hot beverages on the go, buy it soon. Winter is coming.

<— upside down! for realz.

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