It’s not the holiday season just yet, Thayer Street

This year, it seems that the Holiday Season has sprung upon us sooner than ever. The snowflake decals in the windows of ABP went up on November 1. Those red holiday Starbucks cups were brought out on October 25th, just days before we all dressed up like kittens and Muammar Gaddafi and reveled in all that Halloween had to offer. There is nothing BlogDH hates more than being untimely. Forget Steve Jobs—we all know who should have been invited to the Too Soon Party.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who feel that the holiday joy has been rammed down our throats. According to an article in Direct Marketing News, economic uncertainty has prompted retailers to start holiday marketing campaigns much earlier to “draw in recession-weary customers.”  Toys “R” Us sent out its holiday catalog in September. To put things in perspective, we were still shopping for classes when kids were telling mommy they wanted pimped-out ATV cruisers on their Hannukah lists. L’Chaim

Something I am not thankful for: the fact Thayer Street is completely overlooking the carbohydrates the pure amazingness that is Thanksgiving. CVS has replaced the chocolate turkeys that should be on the shelves with the Holiday Blend M&Ms. Does this mean Thayer is denying the Macy’s Day Parade? Football? The opportunity to take showers in our homes without flip flops? Heresy. Thayer Street needs to chill (not literally, of course)—it may have snowed the night of October 30th, but that doesn’t mean the holidays are upon us.


We understand that the holiday season is a time for happiness, as evidenced by the adorable, warm-fuzzy snowmen and carolers on the Starbucks cups and the trite phrases like “When we’re together snowmen come to life.”

Thankfully (perhaps in their attempt to compensate for their rude introduction of the holiday cup), the baristas/broistas acknowledge that it is still fall and that

Thanksgiving is soon. They simultaneously give us a friendly reminder that the holiday season is around the corner, permitting us to indulge in a Peppermint Mocha if we are ready, and offering a Skinny (OMG SO LOW CAL) alternative if that’s our style. Mad props, Starbucks—that’s the way fall marketing should be. You’re back on our good list.


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