Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: November 11, 2011

The revised Chafee-Raimondo pension bill passedstate House and Senate finance committees in separate votes yesterday 13-2 and 10-1, respectively.  The revisions allow an earlier retirement age for some workers than allowed in the original bill, as well as partial reintroduction of cost-of-living adjustments, pension increases based on inflation rates.  The bill moves on to the entire General Assembly Thursday in separate House and Senate votes.

Tensions between the city and the Occupy Providence protestors of Burnside Park are heating up. Literally. GoLocalProv revealed Wednesday that Providence public safety officials used infrared heat-sensors last week to determine how many tents set up in the park were actually in use. Out of dozens of camps, only seven of the tents were determined to be occupied.  Protestor Michael McCarthy called the figure inaccurate, and said more than 20 of the tents are slept in overnight.  Executive director of the Rhode Island branch of the American Civil Liberties Union Steven Brown blasted the city’s actions, saying the police were unfairly “infiltrating” the park to gather information that would normally be unavailable.

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