What are you going to wish for at 11:11 on 11/11/11?

It’s the ultimate wish day of the decade, and BlogDH wanted to know what was Brown’s deepest wish. So, on Tuesday, we set up a table on the Main Green and  bribed with candy asked students what would be on their lips when the clock struck 11:11. Here’s what they said.

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I want mint chip ice cream, good grades, and a cuddle buddy. • To be a [sic] internationally reknowned [sic] bare-knuckle boxing champion slash fashion mogul. • All A’s baby • Yesterday I noticed the clock @ 11:11 PM. I realised [sic] I had nothing to wish for, I was just filled with so much gratitude for being exactly where I am. • for perpetual 71° weather!

I wish to be Time Man of the Year one day. • I’m wishing for harsher punishment for parole violators • I hope that at least one more person decides to make their his/her life more about others than his/herself. • I wish for my grandfather to live to see me graduate from Brown. • More 70° days this winter. / Also free coffee for life (from Starbucks). • Spice in my love life • I wish that it would rain muffins.

I wish for contentment. • To one day spread as much joy in the world as Gail in the Ratty J • I wish for a life full of happiness, not only for myself but for my family & friends. ❤11.11.11 • I wish that I could improve my self esteem • I wish to meet JK Rowling • Ruth to stay forever!

Wish: 1) the ratty serves oreo cheesecake + M+M cookies everyday [sic] 2) Everyone wears tiedye … forever 3) Watermellon [sic] • I wish to meet the love of my life • Salvation from 2012 Doomsday Predictions • An for it to be one of the best nights of my life • I wish my thesis will write itself • Get some cutty

For the ability to shoot lasers from my penis. Kind of like cyclops • I wish that everyone in the world loves each other and can be happy and wonderful and yay and that we can have peace and joy and love and beauty and [illegible] • A really good corned-beef sandwich. • I wish this night will be dope • that I don’t gain freshman 15! HA • Endless coffee •Passing orgo II! • I wish that my sister and my mom could understand each other and get along like they used to. • I wish that my best friends and I stay best friends forever

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