Crazy for Krasinski, Part II

Brunonia really is crazy for Krasinski. If you haven’t stepped into J. Walter Wilson today, you’re missing out on the pandemonium that is ticket distribution for John Krasinski ’01’s triumphant return to Browntown. The line started around 9 am, and it just keeps growing and growing. Right now, the line winds all the way up the back stairwell of J. Walter Wilson to the sixth floor and is now beginning to make its way back down. Rumor says there’s only 200 tickets available today. Panic ensues.


  1. '13

    I ain’t never going to get to see anyone cool speak… Can’t we get an online distribution at obscenely early morning hours or a random lottery?

  2. '14

    Actually, the line started around 8:30, maybe even 8. My ticket team got there at 9 and we were around 30th in line.

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