(Still) Crazy for Krasinski

Celebrities – they’re just like us.  They buy overpriced coffee, walk their dogs, and shop at Target.  Much like your professors, they really dislike getting asked the same questions over and over, even if they’re too nice to say so.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, the latest celebrity to grace our campus with his presence is Jim Halpert himself, John Krasinski ’01.  He’ll be speaking in Salomon tonight at 7.  Krasinski has come to talk at Brown before, although usually to the smaller audiences of TAPS Department classes.  This time, the floor is open to anyone who lined up early enough to get a ticket (guilty as charged…) and isn’t too scared to step up to the microphone.

We can’t have an hour of people asking, “Question: what kind of bear is best?” or “How’d you get the stapler in the Jell-O?”  We don’t want John Krasinski to secretly hate us because the entire balcony of Salomon wouldn’t stop chanting until he made the “Jim face.” Here are some questions we think would be more interesting to ask of our beloved alum:

  • You’ve been in two DreamWorks animated movies (Shrek the Third and Monsters vs. Aliens)… but the Brown CS Department is pretty tight with Pixar.  Where does your allegiance lie?  The only correct answer is Pixar – although much like Jim Halpert, DreamWorks does have a trademark face…
  • Did you ever have to deal with a Dwight-like classmate at Brown?  If he says no, he’s lying.  Sure, we’re mostly pretty cool here, but there are Dwights everywhere.
  •  You were here the last time Brown changed presidents – what’s it like adjusting, and how do you feel about Ruth leaving?  Yeah, that’s a more serious one.  But he was one of us once, and probably has some good insights.  JKras for next president of Brown?
  • How often do fans ask you questions about things you’ve done other than The Office?  Is this question about The Office?  Is this question about things he’s done other than The Office?  So meta.
  •  Will you marry me?  I feel like the normal question is usually “Will you go to prom with me?”  Go big or go home…right?

If these questions haven’t inspired you, Krasinski’s IMDb page might.  Did you know he was in Dreamgirls?  Or that in addition to both Pam and real-life wife Emily Blunt, he’s been “married” to Mandy Moore and Maya Rudolph?  You’ve still got a few hours left to brainstorm.  And if you weren’t able to get tickets, there’s still hope – there will be a wait list for seats that aren’t claimed before 6:45pm.

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