Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: November 22, 2011

Two activists representing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will be promoting a vegetarian Thanksgiving holiday by handing out tofurkey to interested passerbys in downtown Providence Tuesday afternoon. The move is part of a national PETA campaign to curb the use of turkeys this week and similar events have been planned for  various cities across the U.S., including San Francisco. One activist quoted in the Providence Journal called Thanksgiving a “murder on turkeys” that needs to be avoided. And if your trip home includes a stop at Kennedy Plaza, you’re in luck. The group will be stationed at the corner of Dorrance and Washington Streets so you can stop by and pick up a tofurkey for the road! They will be wearing “sexy” Pilgrim costumes that are apparently “anything-but-puritanical.” Believe me, I could never make that up.

Next, are there any bird watchers out there? Majestic bald eagles seem to be swooping into Rhode Island more and more, with multiple sightings on the Providence and Pawcatuck Rivers in recent weeks. After the use of certain harmful pesticides were prohibited some years back, the bird’s population has been recovering well.

Finally, though I hate to break with this week’s bird theme, I just wanted to throw out a a quick happy birthday to the city of Providence, which turned 375 this year. Local musicians will be featured at a birthday celebration in the Performing Arts Center Tuesday evening.

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