Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: November 28, 2011

Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) announced his resignation from Congress earlier today. Initially elected to the House in 1980, Frank has served on numerous committees and panels during his over three-decade tenure, most recently as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Known for his liberal views and outspoken personality, he was instrumental in steering Congress’ response to the banking collapse in 2008. Frank also spoke at Brown earlier this semester about the need for U.S. support of Israel.  His decision was to be announced at a news conference in Newton, Mass.

Policymakers and members of the general public are being encouraged to stop by the Rhode Island State House’s redistricting office to look at census data and experiment with mapping software to design potential boundaries for the state’s congressional districts. But when asked to release the names of people who had actually come into the office, House spokesman Larry Berman would not speak up, which for some reason, the Providence Journal seems to think is an issue. Possible maps for the state’s redistricting were released last week and the final meeting to discuss redistricting is set for December 19. The General Assembly’s proposal must be finalized by the filing deadline for next year’s election cycle.

In other news, gas prices in Rhode Island dropped another five cents last week to $3.42 a gallon, still significantly above the national average of $3.30. And finally, in Warwick, Representative James Langevin is hosting a forum for local farmers to gather and discuss the state’s agricultural economy, which has seen somewhat of a revival in recent years.

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