Grilled cheese at Jo’s!

Back in September, I posted about the Monday night specials at Jo’s, which started with stuffed french toast. That was followed by baked potatoes. Now, alas, the last special of the semester has arrived — grilled cheese.

Last Monday was the opening day for this special, so I decided to check it out and report back to you, our faithful readers. (If you haven’t already noticed, we like reporting on food, and thus we like reporting on retail culinary guru Aaron Fitzsenry’s creations like this.)

Jo's is serving up grilled cheese, a classic.

Jo's is serving up grilled cheese, a classic.

For my first time, I decided to keep it relatively simple,  getting a grilled cheese on wheat bread with cheddar, Swiss, and American cheeses, and a garlic and herb cream cheese spread.

But make no mistake — there are way more options than that. Baby, you can do whatever you like!  More photos and info — including a special secret — after the jump. 

Lots of options!

Lots of options! (Not pictured here: the bread and side dip choices, as well as bacon.)

The grilled cheese bar will be open on Mondays for the remainder of the semester, from 6 to 11 pm.

On that note, I should let you in on a little secret: you can actually get grilled cheese at Jo’s every Sunday and Wednesday. That’s right.

Not quite your typical grilled cheese...

Not quite your typical grilled cheese...

You see, every Sunday and Wednesday, Jo’s has a sandwich line where you can get a variety of different kinds of sandwiches, hot or cold — including the wonderful grilled cheese. You can pick which cheese(s) you want and you can get other sandwich ingredients thrown in there as well, all on your choice of bread.

But it still doesn’t compare to the grilled cheese special, so check it out while it lasts! And shoot Aaron an e-mail telling him what you think!

Om nom nom.

Om nom nom.

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