Occupy BUDS: The End-of-Semester Meal Credit Cooperative

It’s that time of the year again — when the vast differences between the Flex 460 and 330 finally reveal themselves, and meal credit inequality seems almost as dire as income inequality. In past years, various students have attempted to create far-reaching end-of-semester meal credit co-ops, and we at BlogDH have decided that it’s our time to take up the gauntlet.

Check out the Facebook event to connect with other students looking to share a meal or score one. Post on the event’s wall with relevant details like where you live, which dining halls are your favorites and whether you prefer blondes or brunettes. JK, this isn’t a dating site (#butisit?).

Meet up with friends and strangers alike over a Spicy With (or an Ivy Room falafel, if you’re into yellow mush masquerading as a Middle Eastern staple…). Share the wealth — for during finals period, why not be socialists? (A’s for all!)

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