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Heard of The RIB? If you haven’t heard of it before, you have now — and you’ll no doubt hear more about these girls in the future as they make waves in the world of comedy. Started earlier this year, The RIB was created by a handful of girls who decided one spring morning that Brown needed a female comedy group. Their blog, which launched this summer “after the girls had synchronized all of their cycles and participated in exactly 17 semi-nude pillow fights,” is regularly updated with diverse content ranging from humorous musings on men and periods to anguished pleas for men to “nut up” and talk to their crushes. You don’t have to be a GNSS concentrator or an avid Sexction reader to get lost in this wondrous world of female comedy (perfect study break for finals?).

BlogDailyHerald tracked down three writers for The RIB, Samantha Williams ’12, Emily Spinner ’14 and Maria Luisa Acabado ’13, in order to learn more about the pub and the women behind it.

BlogDH: How did you find out you were funny?

  • SW: I guess I found out that I was funny when I received comments on an elementary school report card saying something along the lines of “Samantha is very disruptive and needs to focus on her work, but she is very entertaining and has a nice sense of humor.” Needless to say, Mom and Dad were not pleased with this comment…my punishment for two weeks was not being able to watch ER with my parents. Yeah I was really torn up. Ever since that awkward report card, I knew that it was something I was remotely good at. Cracking jokes and making people laugh just became something I really enjoyed. Besides walking around the Rock like it’s a cocktail party, making people laugh is my absolute favorite thing to do.
  • ES: Well, I was curious to see if I was funny, so I took an online quiz to find out. I scored a 7 out of 10 on the Chuckle Scale, so I guess that’s how I realized I’m pretty hilarious.
  • MLA: I haven’t gotten my certificate in the mail yet, so the jury’s still out.

Blog: Why did you decide to write for The RIB?

  • ES: The RIB continues to be a great outlet for comedic creativity,which is why I wanted to write for it in the first place. Plus, the girls on staff are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met.
  • MLA: We created The RIB so all of the funniest girls on campus could have the chance to work together and have their work publicly recognized. We have so much fun at our meetings…we’re able to come up with great content for the site.

Blog: What do women bring to comedy that men can’t?

  • SW: I think women bring another perspective to comedy. We bring a new way of interpreting comedy and executing it. For example, I think women are great at finding the comedic value in relationships that are at first glance far from being funny and actually slightly grim.
  • ES: Women are just as funny as men. In fact, our senses of humor are often comparable. As a self-proclaimed southern belle, I find fart jokes equally as hysterical as an 8 year old boy who spends recess eating chocolate bars and talking about his babysitter’s boobies.Woman are just nicer to look at and generally smell a lot better.
  • MLABoobs.

Blog: Why aren’t there women in comedy then?

  • SW: Being funny and sometimes completely crude has been considered fairly unfeminine. Women have traditionally been the ones [who] are entertained by men being funny, not the other way around. However, I think that this is changing. Also comedy requires you to not take yourself seriously.I think I’m on the extreme end of not taking myself seriously, which I should probably work on because I’m graduating in the spring and need to be real person. It means that “failure” is not a curse, but just another funny story to entertain friends and family with. I honestly think oncewomen, as a whole, begin to embrace these notions better we will see more women in comedy.
  • ES: There are plenty of women in comedy. Why aren’t there more caterpillars on the ground?

Blog: If there was a “Best Female Comedian” category at the Emmy, who would you give it to?

  • ESTina Fey all the way.
  • SW: Michelle Bachmann, just kidding but she does make me laugh a lot. That is actually a tough question. I would say that there is tie between the late Gilda Radner and Tina Fey. One Christmas, I received the best of “Gilda Radner” as a gift and I watch every time I’m home. Tina Fey is just so smart and great. Of course, “Mean Girls” is the movie of our generation, sorry “Avatar”. She does a great job of making simple things extremely hilarious.
  • MLA: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey should get all the awards. All of them. KNOPE FOR PRESIDENT 2012.

Interested in joining or learning more about The RIB?  These ladies can be reached at Feel free to Facebook or Tweet at them while you’re at it.

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