Deck the dorm: A beginner’s guide to holiday decorating

‘Tis the season! Even if you’ve been swept up by the Finals Countdown and have been in a perpetual SciLi state of mind, you can’t ignore the holiday cheer that has swept over Providence. The question is: have you been celebrating the most wonderful time of year? Let’s be real: prep for finals period means your dorm room is neglected, your bed remains unmade and you haven’t seen the top of your desk since midterms. But it’s the holidays, yo! Give your dorm room some Holiday TLC. BlogDailyHerald is here to make sure your room is filled with holiday cheer.

Get crafty

  • Paper snowflakes: Remember that POLS paper you swore you’d never look at again? Now’s your chance to recycle it to a more jolly life. Follow online tutorials like this one (you can skip ahead to 0:45), and turn your realist argument into sweet wall decorations!
  • Coffee and tea wreaths: We know your coffee and tea consumption have gone up exponentially in the past week. So take your vice and turn it into a festive wreath! Whether it’s your collection of Starbucks sleeves or the Tazo bags you’ve been stocking up on, you can turn your caffeinated drink of choice into a crafty door dec.
  • Jingle bells: Do you fucking love the holidays? Do you hate your roommate? If you answered either of these questions with an enthusiastic “Yes!”, you might want to vent your emotions by purchasing vast quantities of sleigh bells. Hang them on your door handle, sow them onto your pillows, make yourself a bracelet… Be aggressively merry. But while these are the epitome of Christmas cheer, they get very annoying very fast. However, they send a very clear message: I fucking love Christmas and I WANT YOU TO KNOW IT.

Just the little things

  • Air freshener: Nothing gets you in the holiday mood like a whiff of artificial pine when you open the door to your room. The smell of your day-old Gate pizza is getting nasty, so do yourself (and your roommate) a favor and turn those unpleasant finals season aromas into a celebration of all things Christmas-y!
  • Window gel clings: These fun decals are a great way to spread the seasonal joy. If the casual passerby looks up at your window, your Frosty the Snowman ornament will bring a smile to his or her face. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?
  • Christmas lights: You probably already have a string of lights hanging unassumingly over your bed — it’s a oft-neglected, yet obligatory, dorm room accessory. This Christmas season, you might as well put ‘em to good use! Rearrange them over your windowsill or in some sort of decorative fashion to bring some traditional holiday flare.

The tree (This is a tricky one. While getting a full-sized pine tree might be a little too out there for a dorm room, there are several reusable and more college-friendly options .)

  • The brightly colored plastic tree: Yes, you’ve been lusting over it through Urban Outfitters’ window display, but even $12 is a questionable price for such a fragile-looking tree. Target sells similar trees in a wider variety of colors for just $5. Downside: they’re not sold online, so you’re going to have to road trip up to Seekonk for your coveted Christmas tree. Another downside: it’s not the most eco-friendly of options.
  • Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree: Don’t you love that you can find just about anything on the Internet? I do, especially if that means I can have my very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree in my room! While a little pricier, it comes with Linus’ blue blanket.
  • Still keen on having an evergreen? Unfortunately, real trees are a no-no under ResLife’s “Holiday Decorations” policies, so you might just have to get creative (or delinquent).
Don’t celebrate Christmas? Having trouble finding the balance between ResLife’s fire safety rules and your menorah? We’ve got you. While I’m not an expert on Hanukkah decorating, there are great resources online to help you make your room more kosher (and even eco-friendly). Also, what better way of getting your non-Jewish friends excited for Hanukkah than endless rounds of the dreidel game?
Happy decorating!

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