Just when you thought the Blue Room couldn’t get any more awesome

It’s reading period, which means caffeine is even more of a necessity than usual.  Luckily, the Blue Room just added flavored lattes to their repertoire, so now you can satisfy your sweet tooth simultaneously with your coffee fix.  The flavor shots cost an extra dollar, but they save you the annoyance of having to walk to Thayer from the Rock. It’s a quick way to act when the caramel latte craving strikes and your fear of being filmed in the bathroom reigns supreme.

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  1. Ana Colón

    There is also (supposedly) an ice cream bar today from 4-7! The Blue Room has been tweeting mysteriously about it all week.

  2. Tonya

    I vote gingerbread (or at least flavored) lattes year-round. Just as I resolved to stop wasting money at Starbucks-Blue Room to the rescue!

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