Need a snack break?

Whether you’re spending the night at the SciLi or you’re in denial that finals are a’coming, be sure to check out the new food truck on the block. Flour Girls is just your local bakery on wheels, and are here to cater to your late-night cookie cravings.

Too lazy to walk all the way to Meeting Street Café? Don’t worry— Flour Girls is parked strategically right next to Mijo’s (perfect accompaniment to your beef tacos?) on Thayer at the corner of Waterman.

They also have cider donut holes (6 for $4); chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and ginger molasses cookies ($2.50 a piece), lemon squares and cranberry shortbread bars ($2 each). You better hurry, because their schedule is yet to be determined, so go soon or else you’ll be left with a lingering desire for a snickerdoodle!

Image by Ana Colón / BlogDailyHerald.

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