Even more ways to procrastinate: the Organ concert

AGAIN?!?!  Yes.

Just when you thought that finals period had completely sucked away your will to live, the Intergalactic Community of A Capella came to the rescue with a glass-shattering rendition of “All Rise.” The usual rules apply: bring blankets, food and, if you’re feeling especially daring, a bottle of Strongbow. The Facebook event also promises that the portraits in Sayles will come alive and join in the festivities, so, yeah, there’s always that if you’re not into the whole music thing. We know that you have a shit ton of work, but so does everyone else.

The concert, taking place in Sayles, starts at midnight (but get there earlier if you want good seats!) and goes until 2 am.

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  1. actually the IGCAC can’t take credit for this – that goes to the Higher Keys!

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