Mid-year Meta-tations

Photo by Emily Gilbert / Herald

As you may have noticed, our beloved parent organization, The Brown Daily Herald, stopped production about a week ago, and yet we are still chugging away, doing our level best to bring you all the news that’s fit to blog. But, with the finals countdown reaching its bitter end, we must at last buckle down and do our schoolwork. We’ll still be here throughout finals period with breaking news and study breaks, but our regular posting will slow down.

Remember to keep sending news, tips and suggestions to blog@browndailyherald.com. Also, shoot us an email if you want to write for us in the spring. ‘Cuz we want you. 

Next semester, current deputy managing editor Jenny Bloom ’12 will step up to take on the role of editor in chief. With the help of her stuffed animal sidekick, Patches Bloom II, and a crackerjack editorial team, Jenny will take BlogDH to new heights.

Matt Klimerman ’13 and Talia Kagan ’12 will continue to kick ass and take names in their roles as managing editor and deputy managing editor, respectively. Next semester, Matt will keep fighting to have meetings in the Sigma basement, while Talia, in her newly discovered safety from the John Street Masturbator, will head up a separate section of BlogDH dedicated exclusively to news about the Blue Room.

Last, but certainly not least, we are proud to announce that Seth Kleinschmidt 13 and Meredith Bilski ‘14 will both step up to become deputy managing editors next semester. While Seth will investigate the possibility of adding alt text to everyday conversation, Meredith, with her expert hashtaggery, will help the BlogDH twitter join the ranks of the twitterati (primarily Kanye). (Follow us here!)

And, of course, the rest of the staff deserves tremendous recognition. Every single one of the individuals listed on the masthead (haven’t seen it? Check out the “About Us” page) works incredibly hard to make this site what it is. Posts don’t just write themselves, and it’s difficult to churn out a web publication on ~$100 a semester, especially when all of that is going toward alcohol and stickers. BlogDH would be nothing without its incredibly dedicated staffers, all of whom deserve acknowledgment, even if it’s not possible to recognize all of them individually here.

You are in excellent hands, reader. It’s been a pleasure to serve you this semester, although, in truth, I know that the best for BlogDailyHerald is yet to come.


 We are all still in love with you, Ellen Cushing ’10.

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