Web Civ: Animals talking in all caps

Being a blog and all, it makes perfect sense that we here at BlogDH have an obvious soft spot for…well, other blogs.

That said, Buzzfeed recently posted its annual list of the best Tumblrs of the year  (a joyous event that always happens to perfectly align with the start of finals) and needless to say there are a lot of real winners. If accidental Chinese hipsters aren’t your thing, or you’re bummed at the news that Textsfrombennett is actually fictitious (big ol’ duh! right there) there’s always ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS.

A new addition to the blogosphere, the idea is deceptively simple: caption funny pictures of animals with hilarious anthropomorphic banter, and you’re sure to leave college students awkwardly laughing to themselves in very public locations as they seek solace from that damn take-home final they’ve yet to begin.

So, take a break from assuring yourself that you “work best under pressure” and check out this cat lamenting about her addiction to drunkenly shopping online. If that’s not productive, I don’t know what is.

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