Pizza Nite: One down, one to go!

Get it before it's gone!

Get it before it's gone!

Last night, masses of hungry students at the SciLi were fed at Pizza Nite, courtesy Campus Life and the University Library.

Tonight, the awesomeness repeats itself at the Rock at 9 pm. I was chatting with one of the librarians, and he mentioned that they order 90 pizzas for the SciLi’s Pizza Nite and 80 pizzas for the Rock’s. Last night, the pizza was almost all gone in a little over five minutes.

While everyone was waiting for the pizza, they were greeted with a surprise: a cappella caroling. Check out photos from last night after the jump.

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We all know there are only two things that attract students to the library in hordes: free pizza and naked donuts. No one knows when the donuts will come, but the pizza is tonight at 9 pm. Rock lobby. Be there.

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