(Another) Study break of the day: December 14, 2011

Remember that time you saw that hamster working out in Toms and a vintage The Clash t-shirt at the OMAC? Maybe it’s a little more mainstream now, but Bon Iver frontman/hamster god Justin Vernon might be giving these kids a reason to spend a little less time discussing the newest Tumblr and a little more time werkin’ it.

Vernon teamed up with his personal trainer and biffle Jeff Rogers to create a straight-to-DVD workout video that follows Bon Iver as they run up and down stairs, lift weights, and do sit-ups, all while still looking appropriately apathetic. Don’t be fooled — an indie folk star doesn’t do squats to J-Lo. The trailer is set to the soothing melodies of We Are The Willows. Maybe this will motivate you to take a study break at the Bear’s Lair?

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