Did you really read Morning Mail?: Eduroam

Were you planning on visiting a friend at another school during our irrationally fantastically long winter break?  If so, you may be able to bypass the mild inconvenience of accessing their school’s wireless network!

According to a submission in this morning’s depressingly sparse Morning Mail, Brown has joined a new service cleverly called eduroam (education roaming — ohhhhh), which allows students of participating universities to get internet access across a number of schools in the US and abroad.  For more information on the service, you can consult their website, which has a map of participating schools, or watch the terrible promotional cartoon above, which has a joke about the difficulty of nailing jelly to a tree (?) and is narrated by someone who appears to be (poorly) imitating Mark Blyth.

If RISD decides to opt in to this service, it would solve the only problem with studying at the RISD Library — the terrible service provided by the dreaded “RISD-Guest” network.

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