Did you really read Morning Mail?: (Kinda) Self-promotion

As you may or may not know, the print edition of BlogDailyHerald has a shiny new edit board who aren’t wasting any time recruiting new talent for the paper.  In the past few weeks, three different sections of the paper have advertised in Morning Mail and asked some interesting questions.  So again we ask you:

“Feeling opinionated?”
“Enjoy going to Brown sporting events?”
“Looking to gain real-world business experience at Brown?”

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” let them know!  For more information on opinions or sports writing, you can email opinions(at)browndailyherald.com or sports(at)browndailyherald.com, respectively. If you would like to apply to the Brown Daily Herald, Inc.’s sales staff, you can find the application (due January 15th) here.

Interested in anything else Herald related?  Look out for announcements about BDH (and BlogDH) info sessions in the near future.

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