Did you really read Morning Mail?: See ya, vending stripe

In a move that likely followed years of administrative deliberation, Financial and Administrative Services announced January 19 that it would be phasing out the vending stripe on the Brown Card. Shortly, all vending purchases — including laundry, printing, and the sketchy personal pizzas available from the machine outside of Jo’s — will use the thick magnetic stripe and draw from students’ “Bear Bucks” accounts.

“Bear Bucks” is the new term for monopoly money Declining Balance, which will continue to serve as a payment option at Brown eateries and the bookstore.

According to a January 19 announcement in Morning Mail, only PAWPrints and copier stations have been upgraded so far, with upgrades to vending and laundry machines still pending. Most of the CVC machines on campus have been upgraded as well, so now only the CVC machines in the Bear’s Lair, the SciLi, and EmWool (outside of the V-Dub) will be available for adding money to the vending stripe.

At first, we thought that the “Bear Bucks” alliteration was just our dear old university being all clever ‘n shit. We then did a quick Google search for the phrase “Bear Bucks” and realized that it was nothing to be proud of, as just about every other school with a bear mascot got there before us, including:

To read more about Bear Bucks and the new vending system, check out the Brown Card Office website.

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