Time-waster of the day: January 26, 2012

The question isn’t whether you watched TV over winter break. It’s how MUCH.

Were all those late-night Downton Abbey sessions an escapist waste of time? Does watching three consecutive seasons of White Collar (#underrated) in as many days make you an insane insomniac? Are you high on Videoweed?

No, no, no. You were just culturally informing yourself! Quite understandable. Admirable, even. But now that you’re pop culturally informed, the real time-wasting can begin. With some of the many TV mash-ups the Internet has to offer…

Beyoncé lyrics + Downton Abbey = Downton Abbeyoncé

Downton Abbey + Parks & Rec = Downton Pawnee

Parks & Rec + Breaking Bad = Parks & Meth

Breaking Bad +Arrested Development = Breaking Development

Arrested Development + Game of Thrones = Arrested Westeros

We’re still awaiting the mash-up of our dreams: Watch The Hunger Game of Thrones. Any takers?

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