State of the City: Fireworks as seagull repellant? Really?

Here in State of the City, we at BlogDH give you twice weekly updates about the going-ons of the fabled land of Rhode Island down below College Hill. This section used to be known as Cup O’ (Pro)Jo, but we’ve expanded it ever since the ProJo installed a pay-wall  the state got weird and exciting…and the coffee went stale.

Governor Lincon Chafee ’75 P ’14 delivered his State of the State speech to legislators last night. In it, he struck an optimistic tone that made it acutely aware the governor had not heard the tragic news of the closing of Toledo Pizza Pockets. #whatwillwedo

Big news for Rhode Island football fans — Will Blackmon announced he will be fit and well to play for the New York Giants on Sunday. Blackmon will be only the fifth player from Rhode Island to play in the Super Bowl. Exciting as this is, we liberal art academics are buzzing about news from the Puppy Bowl (yes, half-time, Animal Planet, be there). Anthony, a pit bull mix, will be the first Art History major to play in a major sporting event, according to his stats on the Animal Planet website. Anthony said he became interested in art when someone painted him playing poker with all his friends.

A Johnston, RI landfill is going to start using fireworks and shotguns to keep seagulls away from their treasured garbage. The ProJo also reports that the landfill may install effigies to keep the birds away. If these are New England birds, might we recommend Eli Manning? #evenbirdswatchSuperBowl #hamstersdont.

In Gov. Chafee’s State of the State he called on legislators to raise a variety of taxes to provide our small state with millions of dollars in increased revenues. While his proposal seems reasonable and plausible compared to a similar initiative a year ago, we at BlogDH boycotted the speech because Chafee would not call our state tree a Christmas tree. We’re. Still. Angry. Unacceptable, Comrade Chafee.

On a darker note, the funeral for former Rhode Island Governor J. Joseph Garrahy  (in office 1977-85) was held yesterday at the Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul. Since most of us undergrads weren’t even close to alive then, we apologize for not remembering your time in office. Still, anyone who served our (temporary) state deserves our respect and admiration. So on this sad day, we thank you for your dedicated service.

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