Chow Down Brown: World Nutella Day

Yes. You read that right. Today is World Nutella Day. So whether you are in need of some Super Bowl snacks or just want to drown your sorrows in the fact that you only have 9 days to find a man before Valentine’s Day, this holiday is for you. We would like to share some delicious recipes with you to celebrate this most miraculous of days.

Ever had a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich courtesy of the V-Dub PB&J bar? Amazing. Especially if you put bananas on it. Nothing could make that better, right? Wrong. Here is the best combination of PB&N – peanut butter and nutella cookies!

For the baking challenged among us (myself included), we have Nutella croissants. All you need to do is put a spoonful of Nutella in some pre-made dough, roll them up, and put them in the oven! More ideas after the jump!

Perhaps you are looking for a nice Sunday brunch? Check out this recipe for Nutella-stuffed brioche french toast.

In case you need your mind blown, Nutella whipped cream is a real thing. Amazing what a little air can do when it’s whipped into a giant vat of heavy whipping cream and Nutella.

Think twice before you throw out those hideous bananas that have been growing older and browner as they’ve gone uneaten: overripe bananas are perfect for banana bread, and banana bread is perfect for Nutella. Whip this recipe up, slather on the chocolate stuff, and bask in your cleverness.

Finally, if you want to be a really big showoff, try your hand at trumping the old brand name and making your own!

And for those of us without kitchens, or those who live in Keeney and wouldn’t dare to use their kitchens, there is always La Creperie. Or better yet, just hit up Campus Market, buy a jar of Nutella with your newly replenished flex points, get a spoon, and enjoy!

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