State of the City: We now live in New Haven

Has the Mayor heard of JobMail? During a press conference last Friday, Mayor Angel Taveras addressed the city’s budgetary problems saying that Providence is on “the brink of bankruptcy.” If only he could just get his parents to transfer money into his BearBucks account to tide him over till the end of the semester…the real world really is less appealing.

Thayer Street: Money Never Sleeps. Governor Chafee presented his budget proposal to state legislators last week, and it looks like Brown students will be some of the hardest hit RI residents. Who else in Rhode Island will be affected by a tax increase on cigarettes, meals, beverages, and a new tax on clothing priced over $175 — just think, now you’ll never get that oversized cashmere sweater at Urban to properly absorb the stench of cigarettes and PBR. #impeachChafee

New Haven, Rhode Island? In local Providence news, three people were stabbed in an altercation last night in the city. When we reached out to students for their reactions, 34 reported “not knowing we went to Yale,” and the other 16  incoherently babbled about the Giants — we probably shouldn’t have conducted the poll on Superbowl Sunday…at Spats…

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