gets a makeover!

minimalistyetbeautifulWhen was the last time you took a gander at the Brown Dining Services webpage? Most likely it was early freshman year when some kind-hearted upperclassman revealed to you that your 3 meal per-day plan was far inferior to Flex 460… it sounded like something halfway between Trimspa and P90X, so naturally you referred to the website to make sure it was real. If you remember the site, it resembled a cross between a GeoCities page and one of those random science-for-kids websites you would visit in grade school. Fortunately, BuDS has given itself an extreme makeover (web edition), which has improved both its aesthetics and functionality. Three reasons why the new site is better after the jump.

1. Colors: BuDS has traded in its bright color scheme for something more true to the Ratty aesthetic — a mix of whites, browns and greys. The real improvement, however, is a muted background of a color I can only describe as “Ratty plate beige.” With these visual changes, the BuDS website transports you into the colorless world of Brown dining.

2. An emblem: The semicircular windows of the Sharpe Refectory have never looked so majestic as they do atop the words: Brown Dining Services. Moreover, now that we have an all-encompassing image to associate with our meal plan, perhaps BuDS can have a mascot in a window outfit to greet us just like the bear does at soccer games… or not.

3. Things are easier to see: Just as Warhol’s inverted colors turned Campbell’s soup into a cultural statement, the BuDS site’s new color scheme has opened my eyes to all Brown dining has to offer. Did you know there are food options for flu-afflicted students? I did not, but it sure quells all the stress of being thrown into a SARS mask and told you aren’t allowed to leave your room for two days.

Take the time to check the new site. With the new look and improved layout (the site does seem more browser-friendly than before), you might actually learn a thing or two about dining at Brown… or you can just meet Chef John. That’s cool, too.

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