Time-waster of the day + Alums who do cool things: February 10, 2012

We feel like we’ve been setting up a Time-waster/Alums-who-do-cool-things binary, so to de-problematize that, we’re giving you some audiovisual, Brunonia-reppin’ magic. Now that it’s topped 10 million views on YouTube, we figured it’s high time we post OK Go’s latest insane music video, “Needing/Getting.”  Lead singer Damian Kulash ’98 (Art-Semiotics anyone?) apparently learned how to stunt drive just to shoot this thing, which took four months of prep in the California desert, with help from Chevrolet’s Super Bowl commercial budget.

Hmm… hold on… Four months of work, funding from a parent organization, a ridiculous premise — it appears as though Kulash and the boys got Chevy and 10 million YouTubers to help them complete a GISP. Real World: Brown edition.

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