Did you really read that mass-email? Corporation Edition

Brown students have a penchant for ignoring all-campus emails. Sometimes we’re lazy, sometimes we don’t care, but oftentimes we are so busy reading our Foucault that we just can’t stand to read another paragraph dense with information. This weekend, the Brown Corporation (which functions as the board of directors of this University) met for one of its tri-annual meetings to discuss policy and the state of Brown, accept gifts and approve capital projects. So what’d you miss in President Simmons’ Saturday email? We got your back.

Residence Halls WILL BE RENOVATED. Miller, Metcalf, Andrews, Keeney, Em-wool, MoChamp, Perkins, Hope, Hegeman, Vartan Gregorian Quad (known as New Dorm). They knew better than to go near Wriston Quad with those funds, but hallelujah!

The VDub will be getting a facelift. After a debacle like last Friday’s Chicken Finger Friday confusion, we can’t afford to have any more mechanical issues.

Andrews Dining Hall will become a common space. This space is likely to become the “And-rue the day you went to Whiskey” morning-after destination for all Pembrokers. Three cheers for north campus pride!

Brown Institute for Brain Science (BIBS) is getting a financial boost. Should we get a booster seat to go along with the bibs?

Tuition is going up 3.5%. Other things going to go up 3.5%: the number of students applying for paid internships (in finance).

43% of undergraduate students receive scholarship funding. Average scholarship amount is expected to be $36,000 next year.

“Number of recruited athletes will be reduced from 225 to 205 per year over the next three years.” No worries, everyone: the Meat Mansion will still be meaty.

A Slavery & Justice Memorial is going to be placed on the Quiet Green, between Hope College and Carrie Tower. Martin Puryear is the commissioned sculptor (but sadly, not a Brown alum). If we’re making changes to the Quiet Green, more than anything else, BlogDH wants to be able to climb into Carrie Tower. Such a simple request so often disregarded.

Hunter Lab will undergo renovation. Necessary.

Plans to restore the reading room in the John Hay. One of the least undergraduate-occupied buildings on the entire campus, but admittedly one of the prettiest.

Improve the field hockey resources. They were playing on a roof, so many people may not have noticed, but this team went 4-13 last season. Money well spent.

$1,000,000 for the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. With this center intact, we hope the Brown in Barbados abroad program will remain a fixture on campus.

Pablo J. Salame ’88 donated a generous gift of $3,000,000 for the Pablo J. Salame ’88 Goldman Sachs Professorship in Computational Neuroscience at Brown University. Even with Ruth leaving the GS board, even with her leaving Brown come June (tears still welling up), Goldman remains. #nottheweakestlink

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  1. Greg Jordan-Detamore

    If anyone wants to read more about the huge changes coming to campus housing… http://www.browndailyherald.com/campus-housing-to-be-renovated-transformed-1.2699532

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