What to do today: Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re out (or not…) with your boo or you just ordered pan-seared Shanghai dumplings for one, here are things you can do on campus on the most romantically corporate of holidays.

Taubman Speaker Series with Alex Morse ’11, Mayor of Holyoke
12 — 1 pm | List 120 | Free
Our very own government celebrity makes his triumphant return to College Hill to talk about what it’s like to be employed mayor of your hometown straight out of college. If that’s not enough to convince you, the promotional poster probably will be.

Cupcake and Cookie Decorating
Lunch | Ratty | Fancy schmancy meal credit
Don’t have a Valentine? Stop sulking and head down to the Ratty to hear Gail’s soothing “Hiiiiii” and to personalize your dessert. Maybe you’ll impress a stranger with your mastery of frosting and sprinkles. Reminder: This does not, I repeat — does NOT, count as a date. Don’t try, for your own sake.

“College Sex at the Brown Bookstore on Valentine’s Day”
4 — 5 pm | Brown Bookstore | Free
UMass college student-author Owusu Achamfour speaks about his book, College Sex: Hooking up, Hanging Out, and Relationships. And you thought Heather Hotpants spoke at length…this guy has an entire book with peer anecdotes!

Better Sex Through Yoga
6:30 — 8 pm | Hillel | $5 entrance fee
This advanced yoga class will relax your mind and give you a good stretch for a long night…of homework. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Don’t feel like socializing? Kick it with IPTV. Fox has back to back Valentine’s Day specials, starting with Glee at 8 pm followed by New Girl at 9. If you’re really not feeling the lovey-dovey theme, why not watch something a little more realistic?…Teen Mom 2 is on at 10 pm on MTV, with an episode appropriately titled “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Well played, MTV.

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