Cheer your hearts out: 2/17 – 2/18

M. lacrosse will joyfully start its season with an exhibition game Saturday against the Iroquios U19 team.

Since it will be a long weekend and many of you won’t be on campus, not many home games are scheduled for this weekend. But today, National Lacrosse Hall of Fame player and renowned Native American speaker and activist, Oren Lyons is giving a talk about the cultural and spiritual role of lacrosse in Native communities at 4pm in the Granoff Center. It sounds cool to all you anti-sports people, right? Non-violent and all that jazz? But if you’re the type that enjoys watching sports more than talking about them, here are all the weekend home games:

Friday, Feb. 17

M. ice hockey drops its gloves and fights Harvard at 7pm. Go simply because you don’t like Harvard.
W. basketball definitely does not drop the ball against the Crimson at 7pm. Go simply because the women’s basketball team is better than the hockey team.

Saturday, Feb. 18

M. lax takes on the Iroquois U-19 National team at noon. The Iroquois team is one of the best in the world. ‘Nough said.
M. hockey and w. basketball both take on Dartmouth at 7pm. If you’re having a hard time deciding which game to go on Friday night, here’s a solution: you can go to basketball one night and hockey the other. Problem solved!

The winter sports season is winding down, so be sure to go cheer on your fellow Bears before they take a break and wallow in the tranquility of springtime. Not going to be around for the long weekend but need to know how badly the Iroquois team destroys Brown? Follow @BDH_Sports on Twitter to find out!

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