“Best Ivy League School” poll circulating on Facebook, rally the troops!

My fellow Brunonians, it pains me to inform you that we’re getting absolutely shellacked in a “Best Ivy League” school poll that’s going around Facebook. We’ve got a measly 1,329 votes, good enough for a 2nd to last place showing ahead of only Dartmouth (Cornell leads with 3,600 votes). Granted, Cornell, Penn, and Harvard all have a significant numbers advantage in their student bodies, but Brown’s world-famous school spirit will no doubt pull us to the top (right?).


Now, if you haven’t given up Facebook for Lent, go find the poll (which, thank you Mark Zuckerberg, unfortunately has no permanent link), set the record straight for all the Internet to see, and vote Brown. Next, we take over the Sporcle leaderboard!

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