Students who do cool things: Billr, the bill-splittin’ iPhone app

We’ve all been there before: you’re just about done with your plate of sushi at Sakura, you’re four drinks deep, and the angry waitstaff is hovering like one of those crazy mothers from Toddlers & Tiaras. Just as you’re about to crack open an ice-cold brewskie to partake in the ancient Japanese art of sake bombing, the waitress is back, yelling in an incoherent dialect with the bill in hand.


Now, if you’re a pro, you know to casually avoid even looking at the thing, for fear of being stuck having to figure out how to split the check 14 different ways. Lucky for you, things just got a little easier, thanks to those five magical words: “There’s an app for that.”

Created by Brown senior Stephen Poletto ’12, with the help of Nick Shulman ’14 and RISD industrial design major Ivy Hu RISD’13, Billr aims to take the hassle out of, you guessed it, splitting the bill. Poletto, who interned for Apple for two years, created the app as a way to bypass the headache that often comes with dining out in large groups. Officially launched on Thursday as part of the iTunes App Store, Billr is available for a cool $0.99 and boasts an impressive website that demonstrates just how easy the app will make that next trip to Wickenden (or Thayer if you live up north). Simply enter the cost of each dish, include the number of people in your party, and set the tax & tip. It’s just that easy. Billr does the rest.

You can even show everyone an itemized breakdown of what they owe directly on your phone or text them a copy of the bill depending on just how lazy you are and/or how much you actually like them. Best of all, because we like free things, Billr is giving away 3 promo codes to BlogDH readers, good for one free download. Simply post a Facebook status and be sure to mention by tagging its FB page in the post.

…Sake sake sake – BOMB!


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