Real life Mario Kart game makes students paranoid, provides major nostalgia trip

Some students (read: we. We’re the students.) were pretty confused the first time we saw a stranger walking around with a balloon attached to his backpack. And then we saw another. And six more.

There are only two possible explanations for this many free balloons being given out: either it’s Ruth’s birthday or a senior has created a sort of human Mario Kart to live out a nostalgic childhood dream. Ruth’s birthday is in July.

Just like the video game, but with people.

The balloons are part of “Namosaur Wars,” a war for survival. The game was thought up by namesake Aaron Nam ’12, according to whom “one’s best ideas come between the ages of 5 and 15. I tied a balloon to my backpack one day after I got sick of holding it, and people kept trying to pop it.” Thus, “Namosaur Wars” was born. Nam had been trying to turn this one-day experience into a game since last semester, but it didn’t catch on until he dug into his own pockets for the first round of balloons. The complete rules for the game can be found on its website (you can sign up to play here too), but it goes something like this:

1. Give yourself an alias — “Danger” and “Birdman” have already been taken — and a weapon of choice.

2. Attempt to either pop an opponent’s balloon with your weapon of choice (1 point), hit him/her in the face with a banana peel (2 points), or steal a third party‘s shoe and hit your target with it (2 points). There are some other rules about reincarnation, etc. on the site.

After a kill like the one in the video above (Nam describes the killer, Dylan Fried, as “our Kobe Bryant” and narrates the video), you have to fill out a “Kill Form.” Fried also executed the first shoe kill in the history of the game. Nam says he’s still looking for ways to improve “Namosaur Wars” — he’s very receptive to the idea of somehow adding Chain Chomps to the mix and he hopes to “have some sort of Battle Royale tournament on the Main Green soon.” Hopefully the entire campus will soon be watching their backs as they traipse through the SciLi, like in this stealthy kill:

Happy hunting.

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