Making Mondays Better: Leap Ear

…Meanwhile, other normal things were happening in the world, like Pharrell Williams playing the drums for last night’s Oscar telecast and The Muppets and Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Concords winning Best Original Song for Man or Muppet.

This Week’s Playlist
Leap Ear
Smiler ft. Lana Del Rey – Spender
This track is definitely my favorite of the week and LDRs vocals on the hook don’t hurt.
G-Eazy ft. Dominique LeJeune – Marilyn
TiDUS – The Age
slow and mellow, but give it a few listens and it catches on
Kid Cudi – Dose of Dopeness
Chiddy Bang – Zeros
Odd Future – Rella
Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne – Roman Reloaded
Hodgy Beats – If Heaven is a Ghetto

The Dream – Roc

Tyler the Creator vs. Neutral Milk Hotel – King of Assmilk Flowers
great song, hilarious title

The Weeknd (Dolor Remix) – Same Old Song
Sophia Grace and Rosie cover Moment 4 Life
Eminem (Cry Wolf Dubstep Remix) – Lose Yourself
This song isn’t even that good. I’m just amazed that it exists. 

Electronic/Dubstep/New Wave
Surkin – Fan Out
Santigold – Disparate Youth
Diplo and Don Diablo – Make You Pop
Lucky Date – I Want You
The Flashbulb – What I Imagine You To Be Like
Benga – I Will Never Change
Sam Sure and Giacomo – Dark Inside
SBTRKT – Hold On

M. Ward – Primitive Girl
Sun Kil Moon – Sunshine in Chicago
School of Seven Bells – The Night
Grimes – Angel
Gorillaz ft. Andre 3000 and James Murphy – Do Ya Thing
Lightouts – The Cure for Shyness

1. Making Mondays Better
2. Secret Bakery
3. Bye Bye Summer
4. Picking Apples
5. Eating Apples
6. Scholar Dollar
7. Romeo and Ghouliet
8. Yaylight Savings Time
9.  Orange Pulp Fiction
10. Turkey Jerky
11. Leftovers
12. Winter Winter Chicken Dinner
13. Baker’s Dozen
14. The Holiday Punch
15. Year of the Bulls
16. 2012!
17. Animal Goldschlager
18. Badabing
19. Badaboom
20. Saturday Night Jambalaya
21. XLVI
22. Linderella Story
23. Presidents
24. Leap Ear

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