President-elect Paxson: Here is your complimentary t-shirt design

Now available as bro tanks

As our soon-to-be President ushers in an era of joy and prosperity (and hopefully some sweet rave parties), we at BlogDailyHerald think it’s only fitting that she get the same t-shirt treatment that Ruth Simmons did. In the spirit of hope and cooperation, and the desire to get some pressure put on the Ratty to shelve corn muffins forever, we offer you something that will make the guys at Threadless go crazy.  Feel free to use it in future campaign slogans (but tell ’em BlogDH sent ya).


  1. Poetry Pete, the Villain of Verse

    It’s been less than two days already
    Yet with Paxson, we’re now going steady
    ‘Tis true love, I’d bet
    Let there not be regret
    Lest we wake up next morning all sweaty

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