See a ‘Joyful Tribute’ tomorrow

Music — the art form has entranced humanity throughout the ages. Whether asserting religious fervor or expressing the fiendish tendencies of a demon barber, musical compositions have found their way into nearly all aspects of culture. Now, (arguably) the greatest work of a great dead German will help honor and celebrate the accomplishments of our beloved President Ruth J. Simmons. If posters featuring Beethoven’s beautiful face haven’t already informed you, the Brown Student Orchestra and Chorus (and PC’s Festival Choir) will be performing a bit of the old Ludwig Van as a tribute to Simmons at Veterans Memorial Auditorium tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. (Maybe the timing should have clued us in to today’s big news…)

In addition to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, the concert will also feature shorter pieces by Verdi, Bruckner and Brahms. Tickets for the show are available ($10 for students) online or at the Vets box office today and tomorrow.

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