“GCB” at the GCB

During last week’s Oscars broadcast, it was hard not to miss the previews for a certain ABC show premiering tonight at 10 pm. Here’s a hint:  three very familiar letters…

In this case, “GCB” stands for “Good Christian Bitches,” as opposed to the all-too familiar “Graduate Center Bar.” The show, based on a book of the same name, features Kristin Chenoweth as a former nerd who now heads the “Good Christian Bitches” of Plano, Texas.

According to a GCB chalkboard (and surprising no one, given Brown students’ love of all things meta), the bar will be showing the “GCB” season premiere tonight.  If you a) are under 21 or  b) aren’t sure you want to devote an hour of precious Sunday library time to an ABC midseason replacement show titled “Good Christian Bitches,” never fear — BlogDH will be meticulously analyzing the show for all similarities to our favorite drinking establishment. Stay tuned.

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