State of the City: Grasping at straws

A different RI university focuses on quality of athletics. The University of Rhode Island just announced that its men’s basketball coach has been let go. After setting school records at the beginning of his career, Jim Baron is leaving with two years still in his contract. This dismissal is probably in reaction to the Rams’ 7-24 record this past season. On the bright side: URI’s gonna be saving some big bucks (around $500,000). But then again, the record doesn’t bode well for the players’ ability to coach each other… maybe the school should hire another coach. Go Rams!

After 10 seasons, RI gets its big break, sans Simon. Now that the Oscars are over and Rhode Island doesn’t have Viola Davis on the mind, BlogDH was afraid the Ocean State would be left out of the entertainment industry for a bit. Not to worry, there’s a fellow Rhodian on American Idol. This is obviously a really big deal. SO EXCITING.

Just to clarify – we didn’t realize American Idol was on anymore, either…

Rankings don’t mean anything, right? featured an article on college rankings this past week as a part of its “college admissions” series. While Harvard is supposedly ranked the “#1 College Overall,” (… because that matters…), good ole Providence College also came in at number 1, but in the Lots of Hard Liquor category. We saw you at Spats karaoke last night. It was a solid showing, PC, props. What about us? #1 in the Food Trucks per Square Block category?

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