Time-waster of the day: March 9, 2012

The realm of slickly-animated yet fabulously weird YouTube shorts extends far beyond the oh-so-early-2000s and eBaum’s World.  A few of the best come from YouTuber TomSka, who is the man behind the rapid-fire asdfmovie series (pronounced ass-duff). Sure, you gotta have a certain taste for random humor, but if that’s your area of expertise, then these little films will rock your world. asdfmovie 1 is displayed above, but there are also asfdmovies 2, 3, and 4.  You’ll never threaten a potato again.

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  1. Poetry Pete, the Villain of Verse

    There once was a man whose great hunger
    Caused him to commit a cruel blunder
    He sliced up his cake
    Not aware ’twas awake
    Then watched its suicidal leap under

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