State of the City: That kid is adorable

“This is real bad.” Republican Barry Hinckley is running against Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse for a seat in the Senate this fall, and his new campaign video is making a splash on the national level. Definitely check it out (above) if you enjoy learning about rising unemployment rates from a five-year old who knows less about economics than you did after failing your last Principles exam.

Breaking news: Old people are pissed off. Following multiple public threats to the retiree community, Mayor Angel Taveras sat down to explain how municipal retirees would have to sacrifice benefits and cost of living adjustments under a new plan to cut city spending and reduce the deficit. This is yet another serious financial issue for RI government for Brown students to be indifferent towards.

He’s no Joe. Biden. Members of local labor unions are holding a fundraiser at the Biltmore Hotel this week for Congressman David Cicilline. Apparently these members represent the last .000048% of Rhode Islanders who still support the Congressman. Regardless of Cicilline’s abysmal approval ratings, FDR’s New Deal Coalition still holds strong as organized labor flocks to the Democrat’s event (thanks Professor Schiller!).

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