Techaccino Tuesdays: The “New” iPad

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As you may or may not know, Apple previewed “The new iPad” last Wednesday in San Francisco, roughly one year after releasing the iPad 2. Starting at $499 and available in stores Friday (or, realistically, Monday, if you’d rather not pitch a tent), it’ll compete not only with some strong Android tablets (RIP Touchpad), but also with the now-defunct “iPad 2” which will be reduced to $399 (minimum). Regardless of the potentially endless debate on the name choice, most of the realistic rumors out there came true! Therefore, we believe it is our duty to tell you whether you should consider buying one or not. All you need to do is go through the flowchart above to find which group you belong to, then check out the corresponding section after the jump.

The Early-Adopter

You knew what the deal was early on and snatched the first (great) tablet you could get your hands on. It’s been 2 years now, though, and your iPad is starting to show its age — slowing down, lack of support from Apple, etc. If you’ve been noticing these issues more often than not, now is probably the time to upgrade to the iPad 3 and give your old iPad to your younger sibling. Once you see that brand new screen and all the new little amenities (e.g. iPhoto..!), you’ll be convinced you made the right choice.

The Late-Bloomer

You’re in a tough spot: It’s been at most a year since you’ve gotten your iPad 2, but already people are asking you what you think about the new one and whether you should upgrade. All you have to do is tell them to buzz off; the fact is, the only things the iPad 3 has on you are a slightly better screen, processor and 4G speed. And let’s be honest, have any of those three factors been an issue for you on your current iPad? We didn’t think so.

The N3rd

What do you need my advice for anyways?? Sure, you like the new display, and you know what quad-core GPU really means, but your existing machine already does everything you need it to do, and you and I both know the next iPad is actually where it’ll be at.

The Newcomer

You’ve been eyeing tablets for a little while, but never jumped the gun. Now is as good a time as ever! But rather than splurge on a Apple device, you should look into Android tablets. They look cooler than iPads, are slightly cheaper, and although they have a few kinks here and there, you know you could work around them with a little help from Google. (If you can afford to wait, consider Windows 8 this summer!! Otherwise, make sure you get an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet).

The Up-and-Coming

You’ve seen friends with tablets, and you know you could find ways to make one relevant to you, but it’s still a big investment… Luckily, the iPad 2 is now down to $399, which makes it pretty much the best bargain in tablet-land. At that price, you’ve got plenty of upside (imagine having all your textbooks on there, and/or all your notes!) and, worst case scenario, you can use it just to watch TV shows at the Bears Lair.

The Risk-Averse

Tough call: You’re kind of interested by tablets, but not far beyond playing Angry Birds on your parents’ model over winter break. You know there’s tons of apps out there that might be useful, and plenty of situations where a tablet would come in handy (in class, on a plane, at the gym, in bed…). Thing is, the iPad 3 is just a little bit better than most other tablets out there when it comes to all this, and with a little help from your friends, you could easily make it work to your advantage (and look badass while doing it).

The Technophobe

Thank you for reading Techaccino despite the burning. (But soooon, you know you’ll be wanting a tablet toooo…)

Next week we’ll be talking about a whole slew of new apps you’ll want over Spring Break!

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