Time-waster of the day: March 16, 2012

Consider this time-waster to be a humorous pregame for your impending inebriation. St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and I’m sure you’ve already thought of a bunch of culturally-insensitive drinks to imbibe, but I’d like to offer an alternative. Normally I’d link to a site that has the recipe in detail, with accurate beverage terminology and all that, but this one really has only two ingredients: Baileys and…uh…a shoe. I’m talking about the ever-so-Irish foot liquor concoction that figures prominently in this classic episode of the British comedy The Mighty Boosh. I freely admit that this video terrifies me, and yet I can’t look away. Stick with it, Dear Reader – after the Baileys comes dancing and funky cartoons. Bottoms up!

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