State of the City: Gamble for graduates!

The Luck of the (not really) Irish! The Mayor presided over the city’s “annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration” Saturday, announcing that “Irish heritage and culture are ‘alive and well’ in the capital.” This means that hostilities on both sides of the now infamous University-Providence debate were put down for at least one day this past week as Angel enjoyed his bagpiping and Irish step-dancing and Brown students enjoyed drowning their sorrows (over midterm season) in gallons of Natty Light Guinness.

What happens in Vegas stays in… Newport? Last week, state Senator Harold Metts proposed that “additional revenue earned by adding table games to Newport Grand and Twin River” casinos be used to fund education in the state. The general assembly has not yet passed the legislation that would even allow the table games to exist in the state’s casinos, but the senator has “introduced the legislation just in case.” Should the state continue allocating funds it doesn’t yet have? Isn’t that how the state got into this State of the City mess?

ProJo, please stop. Please? In this week’s edition of “the ProJo doesn’t know how to classify BREAKING NEWS,” everyone’s second favorite Providence publication announced that… wait….wait for it… SPRING POLLEN HAS BEEN DETECTED EARLY THIS YEAR. OMG. Wow. This is the earliest it has ever been reported?! Is Sisqo coming to Spring Weekend? PLEASE TELL US MORE, PROJO!

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