Techaccino Tuesdays: Gimme a break

Three. More. Days.

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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s over 70 degrees outside, which means most college students are either already on Spring Break or have mentally checked out in preparation for break (or both?). The point is, when the time comes to pack for your week off, you should make sure you have as few things on your plate as possible because (1) your flight/train/car ride will likely be very early in the morning and (2) you will likely be hungover from partying the night before. So, before you forget, just scroll down to your Spring Break destination below and follow the instructions to download the most important app you will need for your trip.

Mixology: iTunes / Android / Bartender Pro: Blackberry

Aaah, the sandy, fratty beaches, and the loud, pumping house music. If only there were something other than Natty Light to drink around here… Enter Mixology! It’s the best, cheapest, most complete drink recipe app out there; with the ‘Liquor Cabinet’ option, you can enter the liquor and mixer types you have, and it spits out all the possible cocktails you can make.

SitOrSquat: iTunes / Blackberry / Bathroom Scout: Android

Cancun, Bahamas, Dominican Republic… Such exotic names that you are privileged to add to your list. Despite the abundance of clubs and fellow (high school) Spring Breakers, don’t be fooled, this ain’t good ol’ ‘Merica. You never know what you could be getting yourself into! So, just in case, use SitOrSquat or Bathroom Scout to find your way (with turn-by-turn navigation, no less!) to the closest of 600,000 public/restaurant restrooms worldwide.

TripAdvisor NYC Guide: iTunes / Android / Blackberry

Before you start saying that you “don’t need some stupid guide” and that you’ve “been to New York plenty of times,” consider the likeliness of you lazing on your couch an entire afternoon because it’s raining or all your friends are back in school. Mhm, that’s what we thought. The TripAdvisor guide works without an internet connection (aka in the subway) and gives you access to hundreds of actually interesting tours and restaurant reviews so you can get off that couch. Now.

Visiting college friends
Billr: iTunes / Tip Calculator: Android / Blackberry

Because you know you’re going to end up eating out at some point, now you’ll be prepared to whip out your phone and settle those merciless, frustrating bill wars when the bill comes. A plus: you may even know the guy who made Billr!

Wherever home is
Draw Something Free: iTunes / Android / Blackberry

Let’s face it: Being home is great for many reasons, but “a number of fun things to do” is not usually on the list. Why not kill two birds with one stone: with Draw Something, you distract your mom when she starts asking you all kinds of awkward questions, and you may even distract yourself in the process! (There must be a good reason why Draw Something is topping the app charts, right?)

Providence, RI
Make your own adventure! Instead of just catching up on your reading/thesis writing, take advantage of a whole week on campus with no immediate distractions and explore the sights and sounds of Lil’ Rhody. (Hint: Take the 60 or 66 bus all the way down to Newport or Narragansett — the beaches are pristine and probably not crowded at this time of year.)

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