WTF is was happening on the Main Green? Students hold lie-down protest on Main Green

Students from the Student Labor Alliance and other groups have organized a lie-down protest against the University’s association with the Fair Labor Association (FLA). They claim the FLA has a conflict of interest that severely impairs their ability to rate businesses’ fair treatment of their workers, calling upon the University to instead “stand as a responsible leader in the Ivy League and recognize the conflicts of interest that keep the FLA from effectively monitoring sweatshop abuse.” Calls of “What do we want?” A living wage!” are echoed across the Main Green as the line extended all the way from Waterman Street past Sayles Hall. They’ve done their best to leave a path for people to walk on, so don’t step on them.

Editor’s Note: They have dispersed. The closest thing to protesters is a large population of students lying down in bikinis.


  1. Stepanie Medina

    Although these are amazing pictures and great coverage. This protest was definitely about the Designated Suppliers Program.

  2. Mariela Martinez

    Just to clarify, this was an action to show student support for the Designated Suppliers Program which is a program that will make sure that the clothing in our bookstore is made in factories that pay a living wage and respect workers rights. We won’t stand for sweatshops, and the DSP is the only sweat-free solution.

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